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Federal Office for Bureaucratic Affairs

The Federal Office for Bureaucratic Affairs (german: Bundesamt für Bürokratische Angelegenheiten, BABA) is a federal institution dedicated to the preservation and control of bureaucratic processes in Germany. As guardians of the bureaucratic order, we are passionate about preserving and maintaining existing bureaucratic procedures and creating new bureaucratic hurdles. Our ultimate goal is to promote bureaucratic efficiency by diligently and accurately monitoring and expanding bureaucratic processes.

Our tasks

We are a state institution dedicated to maintaining and reintroducing bureaucratic processes in Germany. Our aim is to increase the administrative burden in all areas of public life and thus improve control.

The main tasks of the BABA include:

Our goal

BABA has set itself the noble goal of establishing a citizen-oriented, efficient and, above all, bureaucratically clean apparatus. With our work, we want to help citizens, companies and public institutions maintain and comply with bureaucratic obligations and deal with their concerns with due diligence.

Our mission is to establish a culture of bureaucratic control and to take all necessary steps to develop bureaucratic processes in such a way that uncontrolled decisions are a thing of the past. Our numerous departments are working meticulously and with foresight to counteract unnecessary bureaucracy and adapt Germany’s administration to future needs and challenges.

Contact us

We understand that questions about bureaucratic matters are on your mind. That is why we are always available to take your concerns seriously and steer them in the right direction. We are happy to discuss your concerns by post or fax using the following contact details.

Papierstraße 110
13359 Berlin
+49 123 456789